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Windham/Willimantic Hiking, biking, walking and running trails

Youth Adult

Enjoy over 6.5 miles of Hiking, biking, walking and running trails that Windham has to offer. The trail is part of the East Coast Greenway, which stretches from Maine to Florida. They are a mix of paved and stone dust that traverses both the Willimantic and Natchaug River with three bridges, allowing for spectacular views. The trail is divided into two sections, the Veterans Memorial Greenway Trail and the Willimantic River Trail.

  1. Veterans Memorial Greenway Trail is east of the world famous Frog Bridge. It starts at the Veterans Memorial located on the corner of Jackson Street and Union Street in downtown Willimantic.
  2. Willimantic River Trail is west of the world famous Frog Bridge and starts at the corner of Main Street and Riverside Dr. in downtown Willimantic.

Access points can be found at the following locations;

  1. 249 Columbia Ave, Willimantic, CT 06226
  2. 28 Bridge St, Willimantic, CT, 06226
  3. 101-117 Union St,, Willimantic, CT 06226
  4. 117Ash St, Willimantic, CT 06226
  5. 157 Boston Post Rd. North Windham, CT 06256
  6. Intersection of Rt 203 & Beaver Hill Rd, North Windham, CT 06226
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